Express yourself with precision

Whether you need to write an email to a client, a report for your line manager or an SMS to your colleague, we are here to help you do so confidently and competently. Here at OISE Cambridge you will learn how to express yourself in writing with accuracy, politeness and an appropriate style.

Saying what you want to say might not be very difficult, but what about deciding how to say it? Here’s an example of the language you will learn at OISE Cambridge to deal with style and appropriate register.

Which expressions are appropriate for an email to a colleague and which for a very formal email?

[Dear Mr Smith,] / [Hi John,]

[I was just wondering if you could tell me] / [I am writing to enquire as to] when the prices for next year will be ready. [I require these figures by next week] / [It would be great if I could get them by next week] as [I’ve got to an important meeting] / [I will be attending a meeting of great importance to the company]. [Please keep me apprised] / [Let me know when you get a chance].

[Best,] / [Yours sincerely,]


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