Legal English Weekend Courses in Cambridge

Aimed at anyone with a solid, ‘intermediate’ English language ability, our weekend courses all have a practical focus, are highly intensive and challenging. They have the objective of equipping course participants with a firm foundational base of appropriate legal English language and vocabulary in each of the areas offered. The courses will each involve 12 hours of total teaching time, commencing at 08.30 on Saturday morning, and ending at 14.30 on Sunday afternoon.

The course aims to equip participants with the essential and foundational language and vocabulary involved in the drafting of contracts. This will include a study of the language and vocabulary connected with:
• both ‘traditional’ and modern contracts;
• conditions, warranties and innominate terms;
• a variety of contract clauses, including boilerplate provisions;
• ‘concept’ words and phrases used in contracts (‘Russian dolls’);
• how English contracts are structured and drafted;
• the impact of case-law – including the construction and interpretation of contract terms – and legislation upon the drafting of contracts;
• legal remedies and procedures upon breach.

This is a course aimed at anyone who needs legal English language and vocabulary as it is used in an employment context. It will include some of the essential language and vocabulary relating to:
• the nature of the employer/employee relationship;
• the structure and contents of an employment agreement;
• express and implied terms in employment agreements;
• employment rights (including parental rights and minimum wage);
• discrimination, harassment, and victimisation in the workplace;
• termination;
• ‘whistleblowing’;
• employment disputes and remedies.

This course aims to equip participants with some of the essential language and vocabulary connected with legal aspects of banking and finance, including that found in:
• the creation, transfer and enforcement of security rights;
• a variety of important legal documents and agreements connected with banking and finance, including loan agreements, debentures, guarantees, and other documents;
• the financing of new businesses;
• the language and vocabulary found in documents connected with financing international trade and documentary sales, including bills of lading, bills of exchange, letters of credit, etc;
• secured financing and using property/assets – both tangible and intangible – as security;
• procedures and remedies upon default.

This course is aimed at anyone with an interest in acquiring essential and practical legal English language and vocabulary as it relates to the litigation and trial process. The language and vocabulary covered will include that connected with:
• litigation and preparing for litigation;
• court procedures, both interlocutory and at trial and the tactical procedural devices available to the parties;
• evidence in civil proceedings;
• some of the documents used in the litigation process, including formal court documents and statements of case (‘pleadings’);
• legal remedies for civil wrongs, and in particular breaches of contract.

OISE Cambridge can organise your accommodation for the Friday and Saturday nights. The language school is 30 minutes from London Stansted Airport and a 45 minute train from London St Pancras International.

To discuss any aspect of these courses, including dates, please contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our specialist legal English tutors.