Giving a presentation doesn’t need to be stressful

Here at OISE Cambridge you will learn how to deliver a presentation that will engage your audience and get you the right results – all in a friendly and stress-free environment.

Projecting your voice, exploiting visuals, using intonation, making pauses and stressing for emphasis, using the right language and clearly signposting your presentation are only a few of the topics you will explore with us. “Practice makes perfect”, as they say, so here at OISE Cambridge you will practise your presenting skills every week, and your presentations will be filmed so you can get the feedback you need to check your progress.

But we know that your work does not end with your presentation. Questions can be tricky. So here’s an example of the language you will learn at OISE Cambridge to deal with questions.

Re-order the words below to create appropriate responses to the different types of questions


Responding to good questions
That / glad / you / I / asked / am
Valid / that / point / is / definitely / a
Responding to difficult questions
Off / I / know / head / don’t / that / top / the / my / of
You / back / I / can / get / to / that / on / ?
Responding to unclear questions
Question / sure / understand / I / not / am / I / the
By / you / exactly / mean / what / that / do
Responding to irrelevant questions
Connection / am / I / I / don’t / afraid / see / the
That / different / raises / think / issue / I / a


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